Vampire Rock Star Romance


Eric Knightwood is a performer. A rock star. A legend. Every fan wants to meet him. Every musician want to be him. But Eric Knightwood is more than every man’s idol and every woman’s dream. He’s a searcher. And he has a secret. Eric Knightwood is a vampire. A vampire trying very hard to fly under the radar in today’s connected world.

Sarah Dobbs is a fan. A recent high school graduate. A curvy young woman with her whole life ahead of her. Eric’s band is not only her favorite act, it stirs feelings in her she didn’t know she had. So when the band is playing a show in her neck of the woods, Sarah is determined to go, even if it is a four-hour drive from her hometown.

Sarah sets off to the city with her best friend Dana to see the concert, but disaster strikes when they mistakenly leave their tickets behind. Now, Sarah and Dana must make a choice: return home in defeat or find another way in. Dana is resigned to the fact that the evening is a write-off, but Sarah isn’t willing to give up without a fight.

Sarah’s plan, however, isn’t without risk, and when the worst happens, she finds herself wishing she’d listened to her friend—that is, until Eric Knightwood himself steps out of the shadows to save her skin.

It’s every fan’s dream. And what happens afterward between Sarah, Eric, and the band’s guitarist is even better. But Sarah is no fool. She knows how these things end. The only question is, will Sarah’s heart be broken sooner or later?

Or can Sarah and her rock star vampire forge a future together against the odds?

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A Royal Bear Wedding Book 3


Sophie Webster’s dream wedding is about to come true.

But is she marrying the right bear?

Sophie Webster has it all. She’s a big, curvy, bear shifter with royal blood running through her veins. Not only is Sophie beautiful, she’s a bride-to-be. Since she was a little girl, Sophie’s dreamed of the moment she would marry her prince in a magnificent  wedding ceremony.

And that moment is about to come true.  The royal wedding is the event of the year. Bears from clans far and wide will be in attendance. Everything is prepared. Everything is perfect. Everything except for one thing.
Sophie’s not sure she’s marrying the right guy.

Yes, her fiancee is fantastic. After all, Justin Cunnigham is one hell of an alpha. The royal son of the opposing clan, he’s been blessed with both size, intelligence, and strength. He’s handsome, thoughtful, and caring. And there’s no disputing the heat between them. But is he the one?

Sophie just isn’t sure. And as far as Sophie is concerned, marriage is too big a deal not to be certain. There are, after all, politics at play. The royal wedding is more than just a union of bride and groom, it’s a union of royal families, a political alliance. Which has Sophie worried. Is Justin marrying her because of his duty to his clan, or is he marrying her because he truly loves her?

Sophie will have to cut through the politics if she’s to figure out if Justin is her mate. She’ll have to put everything on the line to determine the truth. Only then will the royal wedding proceed. And only then will Sophie earn the happily ever after she’s always dreamed of.

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A Royal Bear Wedding Book 2


Megan Harvey just got marked.
Too bad nobody asked first

Megan Harvey is the life of the party. Not only is she the curviest bear shifter around, she’s brash, witty, and fun. Megan’s never been at a loss for words and never wanted to settle down with any one man. After all, why choose one when there are so many Alphas in the sea? But Megan’s playful exterior hides a dark secret. She’s wracked with guilt for something that happened a long, long time ago.

Oliver Garfield isn’t your typical Alpha. In fact some might say he isn’t an Alpha at all. What he is, is a master of disguise. But he can’t disguise the powerful attraction that he feels for Megan. And after a night of passion that knows no bounds, Oliver makes a conscious choice. The choice to mark Megan in a bid to fight the evil that threatens the royal marriage.

But Oliver has marked Megan without her permission. And he knows it. Now Megan faces her own decision. A night of wild lovemaking is one thing, but should she stay marked by this bear she barely knows?

Oliver knows the answer. His love for Megan is real. She’s the one. And he’ll dominate her if that’s what it takes to claim her as his mate. Because the two of them were born to be together. And one way or another, Oliver will prove his love for her, even if it’s the last thing he ever does.

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A Royal Bear Wedding Book 1


What good is a shifter who can’t shift?

Curvy Emily Webster has asked herself that same question a million times. Though she has ancient royal bear blood running through her veins, Emily has never been able to shift, and her inability to do what comes so easily to the others is starting to become a royal pain.

In fact, two years ago, the love of Emily’s life left for that very reason — because she couldn’t change into a bear.

Was Emily angry? Yes. Devastated? Absolutely. But life goes on, and this week, Emily’s cousin is getting married at a royal wedding between the clans. Being a royal wedding, there is a lot of unspoken pressure on Emily to find a mate. And then, to make matters worse, Emily’s ex, Jack Stone, appears.

From the moment their eyes meet, everything comes rushing back to Emily. How Jack left her, the hurt, the shame, but also the love they shared…

Jack Stone is a powerful grizzly who is more comfortable wearing flannel and jeans than a tux. Today, however, the dress code is the farthest thing from his mind.

Jack is as surprised to see Emily as she is to see him. Her mere presence after so long consumes him. The smoothness of her skin, the grace of her curves, it all comes back to him.  But life is complicated. And what Emily doesn’t know is that Jack didn’t leave her because she couldn’t shift, he left her to save her life.

But Jack can’t tell Emily that. Not if he wants to keep her safe. He can’t, however, just ignore the attraction between them either. Something needs to be done, and as Jack sees it, he has only one choice. He’ll have to put everything on the line to destroy the evil that conspires to keep them apart. Only then will Emily see the truth. And only then will Jack be able to claim her as his mate.

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Grizzly Smoke Jumper + Curvy Wilderness Guide = Flat-out Heat

New_12_1_15_FireShifter(flame)_Kindlecover_insidead Their love burns hotter than fire. But can it stand the test of the flames?

Jess Adams works as a guide at the King Kodiak Fishing Lodge deep in the Alaskan wilderness. She likes her job, the challenges, the people, and the beauty of the natural surroundings. But Jess had a life back in Los Angeles, and that life included a man who asked for her hand in marriage. But the relationship didn’t work out. He left after a huge blowout, and Jess is finally over him, or at least she thinks she is. Until one day, a plume of smoke appears on the horizon and that same man comes walking back into her life.

Jake Smith is a seasoned wildfire fighter and a grizzly shifter. He’s been battling blazes in the Alaskan wilderness for the past four years. Four years that he’s been without the love of his life. Four years without Jess. But everything happens for a reason. And today’s fire seems fated to reconnect them.

Jake and Jess meet. They kiss. They connect.

But even though the flare of passion is still alive, the trouble between them runs deep. Can Jess lean to trust the man that left her? And can Jake control his jealousy to claim his mate? It’s going to take more than passion to forge a new bond between these star-crossed lovers. It’s going to take heat. Join Jake and Jess as they light up the Alaskan wilderness tonight.

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Curvy Tigress + Sexy Alpha Tiger = Heat

Kendra has never set foot in a strip club before.
Now she’s going to put aside everything she ever knew…
..And dance.

polecat_375x599Curvy, plus-sized Kendra is a tigress shifter with one tiny problem. Her heat. This time it’s hit her so badly she needs to get out of the city.

But when her car breaks down, Kendra finds herself in the middle of nowhere with little money, no way home, and an enormous repair bill.

However, an opportunity presents itself—the chance to dance at the local roadhouse.

Cyrus White is a powerful Alpha tiger shifter with problems of his own. Problems that mean he can’t afford to be with anybody. Not until his personal life is under control.

But from the moment Cyrus sees Kendra, everything changes.

Cyrus knows Kendra is the one, and from the moment they connect, their passion lights up the night. But despite their obvious chemistry, pulling it off for the long haul is going to take more than heat. It’s going to take courage.

Because it’s a jungle out there. And before this tiger can claim his mate, they both need to face the demon from his past…

Join a curvy tigress shifter and her sexy Alpha on a sizzling wild ride tonight.

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Bear in a Billion: Desired


He wants her bad.
She’s not interested.
Until she is…

Curvy Laila Banks is a businesswoman who works hard to ensure that her clients’ needs are met in a professional manner. Laila runs her business like her life: on schedule, on budget, and in the most efficient manner possible.

Tristan Sorenson is a bear shifter and an artist. His wildly successful photorealistic paintings have won him the freedom to do exactly what he wants with his time. He sails, he paints, and he exercises his bear as the spirit moves him.

Tristan doesn’t care what things cost or whether an idea is crazy. He has the money and resources to do whatever he desires. And what he desires above all is Laila.

Sparks fly as the heat is turned all the way up. But Laila isn’t easily won. Tristan, however, is determined. He knows that Laila is his muse so he pulls out all the stops to win her over…

…But it might not be enough.

Because unless Laila can come to terms with who she truly is, this bear may never be able to claim his mate.

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New Series Launches: Bear in a Billion

My new series, Bear in a Billion, launches today with the release of the first book: Exposed.

He’s a bear.
She’s reporter.
And she won’t stop until she digs up the truth.

Haley Rose is curvy, cute, and ambitious. After being laid off from her job as a small-town newspaper reporter, she’s left rural Ohio with her two best friends for a summer of freewheeling surf, sand, and sun on the California coast.

Ethan Stone is a grizzly shifter and a surfer. He’s waxing down his board on the beach when his bear senses a call for help from the waves.

From the moment Ethan pulls Haley’s near lifeless body from the ocean, he knows that she’s the one. And when they touch, the magic is confirmed. Sparks fly. They kiss. They find each other. Anything seems possible.

But Ethan has his secrets. And when Haley investigates a story about bear shifters, those secrets come back to haunt him.

Will Ethan be able to win Haley’s heart once the truth about him is exposed?

And will Haley choose love or career?

Ethan knows Haley is the one, but now he has to prove it to her.

Only then, will Haley know the meaning of true love.

And only then will Ethan be able to claim his mate.

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Get Out of the Friend Zone and Drive Into FAST & FURious BEARS

Book 4 in my Wild Alpha Series is available today: FAST and FURious BEARS

They’re best friends and coworkers, but he knows they can be more.
Can this bear win the race to claim his mate?

Amanda James is the sexy, curvy, go-to-gal at Wild Alpha Auto. Whether you need an expense report, a test drive, or just a cup of coffee—Amanda will arrange it for you. Amanda, however, hasn’t always been as good at arranging the matters of her own heart.

Greg Smith is a grizzly shifter and the general manager of Wild Alpha Auto. He’s loved Amanda from afar since the moment he hired her, six years ago. But even though Amanda and Greg have become best friends, the timing has never been right to go to the next level.

Everything changes, however, when a new bear enters the mix. Tom Cooper is as charming as he is deadly. And he has one goal—to settle an old score with Greg.

Amanda likes bad boys and Tom fits the bill. Sparks fly between them. But beyond the heat and desire, a secret lurks. And when things get too hot to bear, Greg will have one chance to defeat his arch rival Tom and claim his mate.

*A Note to the Reader: Fast and FURious Bears is a story of wild, hot Alpha love. In addition to steamy lovemaking, it contains some adult language. If sizzling bear shifter love isn’t your thing, you may want to skip this book. But if you’re a curvy girl who likes her leading men strong and her action scorching hot, enjoy!

**If you haven’t already read First Bear, Fast Bear, and Faster Bear, be sure to check them out!

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Peter & Chloe Steam things up in Faster Bear

Book 3 in my Wild Alpha Series is available today: FASTER BEAR


He’s a bear, and he’s an FBI agent, and he’s on a mission…
To claim his mate.

Chloe Hall is confident, curvy, sassy, and fun. She loves life and she loves her job selling luxury automobiles at Wild Alpha Auto.

Peter Heller is a grizzly shifter and an FBI agent investigating an auto theft ring with ties to his father’s car dealership.

When Peter goes undercover as a wealthy customer and meets Chloe, all bets are off.  Even though Chloe is a suspect, Peter finds it impossible to resist the siren song of her generous curves, her soft skin, and her electric touch.

Likewise, Peter is everything that Chloe ever wanted. He’s devastatingly handsome, strong, and caring. But Chloe’s confidence hides a dark secret. How can she rid herself of a terrible problem to be with the only man her heart truly desires?

And how can Peter investigate a woman whom his bear knows to be his one true mate?

Nobody said that destiny would be easy.
But neither Chloe nor Peter envisioned that it would be this hard.
If Peter and Chloe are going to have a shot at a future, they’re going to have to leave their comfort zones far behind them and embrace the unknown.

Because love is grand. But it’s never, ever, a walk in the park

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